The Elle's Baguettes Menu

Weekly Special

New filling  each week



Succulent prawns in

a seafood sauce


Tuna Mayonnaise

Dolphin friendly tuna mixed

with creamy mayonnaise


Red Salmon

The finest Canadian


Mixed Cheese

Mixed cheeses mixed with

spring onions & mayonnaise


Grated Cheese

Fine quality mild cheddar



The finest French cheese



The cheese with blue veins


Chilli Cheese

Grated cheese mixed

in a hot sauce

Chicken Mayo & Sweetcorn

Elle's No.1 selling filling


Peking Duck

Shaved duck breasts

in a hoi sin sauce


Mexican Chicken

Served in a Mexican style

sauce with peppers


Chicken & Bacon

Breast of chicken & bacon

in a caesar sauce


Chicken & Stuffing

seasoned chicken breast

with sag & onion stuffing


Chicken Tikka Massala

Chicken tikka blended

with a tikka style sauce


Chicken Tikka

Tikka flavour breast of chicken


Yoghurt & Mint Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka blended in

yoghurt & mint sauce


Hot Chilli Chicken

This one is hot hot hot!


Sweet Chilli Chicken

Something for those chilli fans,

not so hot


Jerk Chicken

Mixed with peppers in a Levi

Roots' Reggae Reggae Sauce


Chicken Breast

100% breast cooked

on the premises


Cajun Chicken

Smokey Spicy Blend



Coronation Chicken

Blended with a lightly spiced

mayonnaise & sultanas


Chinese Chicken

Flavoured with Chinese style spices



Plump pork & beef sausages



Cold sandwich bacon


Sliced Egg

Sliced boiled egg


Egg Mayonnaise

Chopped boiled egg blended

with a creamy mayonnaise



Grated cabbage, carrot & onion

mixed in mayonnaise


Gammon Ham

This is how ham should taste


Roast Beef

The finest topside carved

from the joint


Corned Beef

Spiced corned beef